RYA Diesel Engine Course

We are proud to be invited to teach this course at a prestigious training centre based on the Hamble River in Hamble Point Marina. Please follow the link below to check dates and availability.

One to One Tuition

Whilst we run excellent RYA Diesel Engine  courses, our alternative training sessions provide boat owners with bespoke tuition on their own boat, tailored to its unique specifications  and your needs.


Our Tutor

Our tutor has spent the last 17 years of his working life attending emergency breakdowns in both diesel and petrol engines as well as maintaining and servicing them. He is an RYA diesel engine maintenance trained tutor and has spent many years teaching this course at RYA training centres



4 - 6 hours duration

New boat owners can be unfamiliar with manoeuvering characteristics so our tutor, experienced in manoeuvering single and twin engine motor boats, can improve your skills in close quarters and at high speeds.

After a day with us, you'll have renewed confidence and assurance that how you skipper your vessel is the best way for your boat and your fellow boaters.



4 - 6 hours duration

What goes on in the engine room can be alien to most boat owners. However, a little knowledge can help you maintain your boat and even fix the engine yourself, especially beneficial as there's no hard shoulder at sea!


Taking place on your own boat, the sessions includes:

  • Maintenance tips for breakdown prevention

  • Tips and advice of what to do in the case of an engine fault

  • Advice on annual maintenance, spares and tools to keep aboard.

Trip to Bucklars Hard with the Cawdron's


8 hour duration

A combination of our handling and engine maintenance tutorials condenses into a full day. This is aimed at boat owners who have just purchased a new boat, are new to boating or just want to know more about their current boat. 


The sessions take place on your own boat and includes.

  • Engine checks

  • Maintenance tips

  • Advice on spares and tools.

  • Handling techniques at both low and high speed.