An economic solution to prevent the common problem of blocked diesel filters and lines caused by dirty fuel.

The Diesel Clean Machine filters and cleans your fuel and tank, without removing it and with minimum waste of diesel. It filters out all dirty fuel including diesel bug bacterial growth, foreign bodies and water to improve engine performance.


Breakdowns will occur due to;

  • poorly/loose fitted fuel hoses

  • damaged seals in filters

  • over compressed bleed screw washers

  • bad routing/chafing of fuel hoses.

Included in the fuel cleaning price we will go through your fuel sytem from the tank to the engine to ensure all is well and report any findings.

Our service

  • The Diesel Clean Machine is operated by our fully qualified and experienced Marine Engineer.

  • We offer flexible hours to suit you and you can be on board during the session or we can work unassisted.

  • We are fully insured meeting the requirements of all UK marinas.


Read below for more information about Diesel bug, its causes and how we can help as well as some pictures.


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contaminated tank
diesel bug in hand
diesel bug
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  • Diesel Bug: Diesel has within it an inherent bacteria and fungi which if not treated can grow into a dark slime that is commonly known as diesel bug. The bug grows rapidly if water is present in your fuel tank as uses this as a catalyst for growth. Diesel cleaning removes any water and filters out all contaminated fuel and diesel bug. 

  • Sediment: Diesel deteriorates over time and this produces sediment which can gradually block the filter elements of the engine. Diesel cleaning removes the sediment, turning dirty fuel to clean.

  • Rust: Metal fuel tanks can rusinternally and the rust can eventually block fuel lines and filters leading to engine failure. Diesel cleaning removes the dirty fuel and enables you to carry on using your boat until you replace your fuel tank.



Water can get into your fuel tank in several ways, starting with the most common;


  1. Condensation - will produce small amounts of water over time (especially if boat unused) enabling bacterial growth.

  2. Fuel Filler Cap - The cap not being fitted correctly or a damaged rubber 'o' ring letting water into the fuel tank.

  3. From Fuel Stations - Fuel stations suffer from water build up as well and if not noticed will end up in your tank.

  4. Human Error - Somebody mistaking the diesel tank for the water tank! (more common than you would think).


Treating your fuel tank with a preventative, such as Marine 16's Diesel Bug Treatment, will keep the diesel bug at bay but will not remove the water from your tank and if forgotten bacterial growth will start forming again. If you already have signs of bacterial growth, treating it will stop more forming but what remains will stay in your fuel tank until your engine sucks it up blocking lines and fuel filters.


Getting our 'Diesel Clean Machine' to suck out the water and diesel bug from your fuel tank will prevent any further breakdowns through fuel starvation. Treating your fuel at each fuel fill up after that will keep the bacterial growth at bay and keeping your fuel tank full will help reduce condensation build up.